QA Development

We develop customized QA/QC plans to enhance the overall operation, maintenance and reporting of your CEM systems.

Regulatory authorities require development and implementation of an effective quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program for CEM systems. This process begins with the development of a QA/QC manual that thoroughly addresses all aspects of the monitoring system, including design, operation, calibration, maintenance and auditing.

The QA/QC manual, or QAP, is typically comprised of three sections. The first section – Quality Assurance – provides system-specific information and describes the policies that ensure quality-assured data. The second section – Quality Control – provides procedural information for operation and evaluation of the CEM system. The third section includes ancillary information such as the facility’s operating permit, CEM system specifications, reference method procedures, blank forms and operator check-sheets.

We develop system- and application-specific QA/QC manuals to meet the requirements of your Certificate of Approval (operating permit) and are based on Environment Canada’s EPS 1/PG/7, Alberta Environmental Protection’s 1998 CEMS Code or US EPA guidelines. We can also develop QA/QC plans for your existing systems.

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