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Today's extractive CEM systems can be relatively maintenance free; however, older systems require frequent preventive maintenance to ensure data integrity and continued system operation.  Most systems supplied by CEMSI include state-of-the-art self-diagnostic features.  Many systems are accessible by modem access as well as by remote troubleshooting, saving the customer time and money on site visits.

Why Choose CEM Specialties for Service?

h Our Instrument Technicians have field experienced and factory training making them
  efficient and knowledgeable
h Reasonable rates and fast response times
h Many flexible and site-specific service contracts available including an Emergency
  Response Contract
h Service all makes of analyzers, OEM access to most competitor spare parts 
h Factory trained for ABB, SICK MAIHAK, DURAG, API and M&C
h Repair & retrofit of existing systems
h Services provided by an ISO 9001:2000 registered company - applicable service
  instruments are calibrated to NIST traceable standards
h Board level electronics diagnostic capability
h Working familiarity with many different Data Acquisition and Reporting Systems
h Remote modem access and troubleshooting capabilities
h Detailed service reports including preventive and corrective maintenance descriptions
h Working knowledge of the industry
h Certification test support (RATA & CGA)
h Customer training both in-house & on-site

CEMSI offers many different maintenance options including: "call-in" on-site service visits, in-house services, preventive maintenance contracts, and emergency response contract visits to existing and new customers.

Site Visits on a "Call-In" Basis - Service technicians are always available to travel to the customer's site for system maintenance and repairs. CEMSI has performed service work in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and India.

In-House Testing & Repairs - Some clients prefer to send their analyzers to CEMSI's facility for in-house testing and repairs.  Calibration gases are available for analyzer calibrations.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Contracts - PM maintenance visits are typically scheduled on a quarterly basis.  These visits include visual system checks and some basic component level procedures.  The PM contract is advantageous to the customer  because it allows visits to be scheduled on a consistent basis according to planned process shut-downs.  Site-specific check-sheets can be supplied for insertion in the system Quality Assurance / Quality Control manual.

Emergency Response (ER) Contracts - Emergency response contracts are available for clients requiring 24 hour service availability. 

Combination PM and ER Contracts - Many contracts include four (4) preventive maintenance visits and one (1) emergency response visit at a fixed annual price.  These contracts are flexible and pricing can be provided to suit the customer's scheduling requirements.

CEMSI is happy to quote on a preventive maintenance visit or contract for any CEM system.

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