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PRODUCTS - Process Analytics Introduction

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CEM Specialties Inc. (CEMSI) designs and manufactures process analyzer systems to meet application-specific requirements. Systems range from single to multi-component analyzers for the measurement of
a wide variety of compounds. These custom designed analyzer systems for the measurement of a broad range of components are required for todays tough process applications. CEMSI provides basic sample handling systems to complete turnkey systems including shelters, SHS, analyzers & HVAC.  Typical analyzers include NDIR, UV, TC, O2, Process Gas Chromatographs, Process FTIR and Mass Spectrometers.

Process Analytics Overview

h Manufacture of integrated analyzer shelter packages
h Design and supply of manual or automatic sample conditioning systems for 

h Rack-mounted instrument assemblies and enclosures
h Electrical systems designed for non-classified and hazardous area installations
h Equipment purging for area de-classification Type X, Y or Z
h Special acceptance certifications
h Instrumentation tubing in-house or in the field
h Electrical, mechanical and instrumentation design
h In-house testing and Quality Assurance Programs
h Project and construction management
h On-site services for installation supervision, start-up, commissioning, and testing

Key Benefits  

h Each system is custom designed for the application
h Modular design
h Self-Maintenance with diagnostics


- Refinery - Steelmaking Operations    
- Gasoline Blending - Chemical & Petro-Chemical Processes
- Crude Distillation - Pulp & Paper Plants
- Power Plants - Pharmaceuticals
- Cement Plants - Others
- Co-Generation Facilities  

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