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D-R 290
- Dust Concentration and Opacity Monitor

Description: The D-R 290 has been designed to monitor dust and opacity concentration in industrial plants with large duct diameters. It works according to the autocollimation principle and is approved according to the German Clean Air Regulations and U.S. EPA.
Applications: Dust concentration and opacity monitoring even at large duct diameter 
Compliance: TV and U.S. EPA approved
Measuring range:

Opacity: 100... 0%; adjustable; smallest range 0...20%
Extinction: 0...1.6; smallest range 0...0.1
Dust concentration:
Ranges: @1m stack ID: 0...150/5000 mg/m3; @5m stack ID: 0...30/1000 mg/m3
Flue gas temperature: Above dew point, up to 250C, higher on request
Accuracy: < 2% FS
Measured components: Opacity, Extinction, dust concentration in mg/m3
Measuring principle: Transmission 
Measuring path: 1.0 ... 12 m; depending on type of reflector
Measuring output: 2 analog outputs 0/4...20 mA
Interfaces: RS 485 Modbus RTU as an option 
Protection: IP 65, optional EEx p
Ambient temperature: -20... +50C
Status/control signals: Relay outputs and potential free inputs for status signals
System components: Transmitter/Receiver unit, reflector, control unit, one purge air blower
Test functions: Automatic zero and span check point
Comments: Large stack diameter up to 12 m; Automatic control cycle consisting of zero, window and span check; EPA display of stack correction factor
Download: DR290 Brochure


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