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PRODUCTS - Natural Gas Measurement

NGC 8106

The NGC 8106 is a low cost field mounted GC capable of a C6+ natural gas analysis. NGC 8106 introduces a new paradigm by allowing real-time measurement at lower volume stations where it was previously cost-prohibitive to put a GC.

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NGC 8206

The NGC 8206 enables you to remotely analyze natural gas composition from N2 to C6+ (optional H2S separation), and format this information for output to most third-party software systems. The unit’s integrated, 32-bit Windows® CE controller seamlessly processes all chromatograms, performs all needed calculations, and reports results in real time, for accurate and timely information on the product in process.

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NGC 8209

The NGC 8209 provides precise and reliable measurement of an extensive range of natural gas values, from C6+ to C9+. This range includes hydrocarbon dew point, a complex and traditionally difficult-to-measure parameter. With the NGC 8209’s easy-to-use, graphical, user-interface software, designated users can directly access information with a laptop PC, or indirectly via a cell phone, satellite, radio, or phone modem.

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Portable NGC

When gas volumes are too low to justify a continuous on-line solution. When the overall cost and maintenance of gas samplers becomes too high. When your business evolves to require real-time information and avoid the accounting inefficiencies inherent with waiting for time-consuming lab analysis. These situations and many others demand the on-site analysis capabilities of the portable NGC. The portable NGC provides precise, reliable, on-site measurement of natural gas samples in a compact, affordable package that is easy to operate and maintain.

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