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PRODUCTS - Heated Valves & Connectors

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Non-Heated Valves & Connectors
Heated Valves & Connectors

Non-Heated Valves & Connectors:

L/PV1 - PVDF ball valves. These ball valves are applicable to shut off gases and liquids and operate in a temperature range between -20oC and 80oC. The construction of the ball valves is for the shut-off and switching-over of sample gases, test gases, and reference gases. The used material guarantees an excellent chemical resistance against flue gases, SO2, etc. Please contact us in case of solvents.
L-PV Data Sheet

RV-11 - Needle valves, corrosion resistant, of different materials. In an analysis system, it must be possible to adjust precise gas flow-through quantities, depending on application-specific requirements. This is possible when using these precise-adjusting needle valves. The use of the corrosion-proof materials also guarantees analytical neutrality.
RV11 Data Sheet

Heated Valves & Connectors:

In the analysis technique, temperatures must be often kept above the sample gas dew point. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to avoid cold bridges. In order to ensure this the temperature regulated three-way valves V3/2-H and MV3/2 H are used for the cut-off or switching-over of sample gases and test gases up to an operating temperature of 180C. The temperature regulated M&C hose-/tube connectors T-H1 and V-H1 are used to connect heated sample lines type 3/4/5-N/M/H with an operating temperature up to 180C. 

MV3/2-H - 3/2-way solenoid valve, wall mounting, heated to max. 180C, power: 230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz.
V3 2H Data Sheet

V3/2-H - 3/2-way ball valves for wall mounting, heated to max. 180C, also available with position identification, power: 230V/50Hz or 115V /60Hz.
V3 2H Data Sheet

T-H1 - 3-way-connector for 6mm or 8mm tube, heated to max. 180C, power: 230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz.
T H1 Data Sheet

V-H1 - 2-way connector for 6mm or 8mm tube, heated to max. 180C, power: 230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz.
T H1 Data Sheet

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