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LABORATORY SPECTROMETERS - FT- IR Laboratory Spectrometer (Fourier Transform Infrared Laboratory Analysis)


High performance FT-IR Laboratory Analyzer designed for research and development. The ABB MB3000 is the most reliable FT-IR laboratory analyzer in the market with the lowest cost of ownership. Combined with the intuitive Horizon MBTM FT-IR software, the MB3000 will facilitate acquisition, processing and analysis of samples.

  MB3000 FT-IR Analyzer for Laboratory Brochure



FT-IR Spectrometer for the Pharmaceutical Industry designed for QA/QC, formulation, research and development laboratories. It is extremely versatile and can use a wide variety of easily swappable ABB or third-party accessories that are pinned in place and do not require alignment.

The MB3000-PH is equipped with the new intuitive Horizon MB FT-IR software for acquisition, processing and analysis of spectra. The Horizon MB Library add-on module is also a part of the package and allows efficient multiple library searches. The solution also includes the Horizon Security add-on module to enable operations in a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant mode.

MB3000-PH FT-IR Analyzer for Pharmaceutical Industry Laboratory Brochure


MB - Rx

Real-time In-Situ Reaction Monitoring made easy for laboratory and pilot plant chemists. This robust analytical solution provides real-time insight into reaction monitoring for various processes in chemical and biotechnology applications. The MB-Rx enables R&D and process development teams to look into the progress of chemical reactions as they happen.

MB-Rx FT-IR Analyzer for In-Situ Reaction Monitoring Brochure




The MB3600 is the most reliable FT-NIR analyzer in the market specifically designed for QA/QC.

Designed for low cost of ownership, the double-pivot interferometerís innovative design ensures increased robustness. The optics are permanently aligned, enabling more repeatable, reproducible spectroscopy and eliminating the need for dynamic alignment. The scanning mechanism has a lifetime guarantee.

  MB3600 FT-NIR Analyzer for Laboratory QA/QC Brochure



MB3600-PH is a FT-NIR Spectrometer for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries designed for:

  • Laboratory QA/QC analysis

  • Raw material identification and qualification

  • Research and development

  • NIR method development

  • At-line PAT measurements

The MB3600-PH analyzer can be used as a benchtop instrument (QA/QC or research laboratory) but also as a mobile unit on a stainless steel movable cart - with an uninterrupted power supply option - for applications in the warehouse or dispensary (raw material identification and qualification) and for at-line PAT applications.

  MB3600-PH FT-NIR Analyzer for Pharma Lab Brochure


MB3600 - CH10

This turnkey FT-NIR analyzer for oil and fat products is pre-calibrated for Iodine Value and %Trans.

The IV determination uses a global calibration in accordance with the AOCS-approved standard procedure Cd 1e_01.

MB3600-CH10 FT-NIR Analyzer for Laboratory Oil and Fat Brochure


MB3600 - CH20

Accurate and easy-to-use analyzer for Hydroxyl Value (HOval) in polyether and polyester polyols, fatty alcohols, pentaerythritol, glycols, EO/PO and related chemistries.

MB3600-CH20 FT-NIR Analyzer for Lab Polyols and Derivates Brochure


MB3600 - CH30

Laboratory FT-NIR for determining biodiesel properties in final product and mid-batch biodiesel samples from vegetable oil transesterification reactors. It can provide a rapid determination of mono- di- and tri-glyceride content, residual methanol, methyl ester % and other quality parameters in biodiesel for finished product screening and end-point determination in biodiesel reactors.

MB3600-CH30 FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer for Biodiesel Brochure


MB3600 - HP10

The MB3600-HP10 FT-NIR laboratory analyzer is designed and configured for routine hydrocarbon analysis and for easy calibration modeling and method preparation. Pre-calibrated for Blended Gasoline, Diesel, Reformate and Naphtha it includes all the hardware, software and accessories required for both QA/QC analysis and chemometric development.

MB3600-HP10 FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer for Hydrocarbons Brochure


Trade-In Offer

ABB MB3600 Trade-in Program for the old FTLA2000-154, FTLA2000-160, MB154, MB160, and even competitorís laboratory near-infrared analyzers. You can also refurbish your MB100 or FTLA2000 series laboratory analyzer...but you also can trade it in to the latest high-performance MB3600 FT-NIR Analyzer

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FT-IR and FT-NIR Software

Horizon MB FT-IR Software

Intuitive software for daily operation that facilitates the acquisition, processing and analysis of samples. Managing analytical results has never been easier.

Horizon MB FT-IR Software Brochure


Horizon MB QA Software

Advanced spectroscopy software for quality assurance and quality control compliant with CFR 21 part 11 environments.

Horizon MB QA Software Brochure


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