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PRODUCTS - FTIR & NDIR Spectrometers

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FTPA2000 Series - Fourier Transform Process Analysis

FTPA2000-200 (FTPA2000-SC10) Wet Process Analyzer (WPA) - The semiconductor industry's first in-situ, real-time, non-contact analyzer for wet bench monitoring. Provides a fast, cost effective, space efficient and reliable means of monitoring the composition of various solutions used in cleaning, etching, and stripping baths. 
WPA Brochure
WPA Application

FTPA2000-260 (FTPA2000-HP52) Multi-point, Multi-stream FTIR Analyzer - Designed for remote, real-time monitoring of continuous and batch processes. Provides information needed for process optimization in the refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, semiconductor and other industries. 
HP52 Specifications

FTPA2000-300 Industrial FTIR Spectrometer - Designed for on-line process monitoring. Operates either in the mid-infrared or near-infrared spectral regions. Particularly well suited for composition determination of process streams in industries such as refining, petrochemicals, polymers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foods.  Contact us for more information.

FTPA2000-360 (FTPA2000-HP51) Gasoline Blending
HP51 Specifications

FTPA2000-460 (FTPA2000-HP50) On-line Solution for Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processing Industries - A commercially-proven process analyzer with an installed base of over 140 units in refineries and chemical plants across the globe. Benefits include multiple component analysis from a single system, quick response time, and the user can replace all components with no recalibration. 
HP50 Specifications

FTPA2000-HP20 HF Alkylation Analyzer - Optimizes the HF Alkylation process with on-line acid monitoring. 
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HP20 Specifications

FTIR/NIR Software

FTSW100 Enablir FTIR Process Software - The FTSW100 FT-IR Process Software allows control of multiple FT-IR/NIRs and the sharing of FT-IR/NIRs over a network. This FT-IR Process Software offers support for messages to be customized. Itís a complete solution for spectrometer based process monitoring and control. The flexible, open architecture software is designed for implementing analytical methods and control sequences. The application structure is predefined and parameter selection is immediately accessible. At every point in the configuration, the operator is presented his choice of parameters that can be easily selected.
FTSW100 Brochure

AIRS Pharma QA-QC Software - Very easy-to-use Sample Analysis function, enables plant and lab operators to quickly obtain accurate and repeatable results. This is an analysis package for lab or at-line Quality Assurance and Quality Control. This 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software combined with the FTLA2000 analyzer, offers all the features required to perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis of materials. The software features multiple passwords, multiple user functionality as well as a comprehensive audit trail capability.  Contact us for more information.

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