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PRODUCTS - EasyLine Series Analyzers

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EasyLine EL3000 Series Gas Analyzers
EasyLine EL6010 Series Gas Analyzers

EasyLine EL3000 Series Gas Analyzers

So Smart, They're Simple.

The EasyLine analyzers are the entry line to the ABB continuous gas analysis.  Common applications include emissions monitoring, biofermenters, landfills, combustion processes, ambient air monitoring, silo monitoring, fruit-warehouses, food packing, O2-purity measurements, and gas filling. EasyLine analyzers can measure flammable gases in general purpose environments without the need for purging.

h Auto calibration - single point & zero/span calibration
h 19 inch, 3 height units - wall mount version
h Internal pump for 19 inch version - optional
h Combines two analyzers - in one single housing
h Measures flammable gases - no need for purging
h Easy operation in native languages

Four (4) types of analyzers (with links) are available:

h EL3020-Uras26 with NDIR Photometer - the photometer can also be combined
   with a chemical oxygen cell, with the paramagnetic oxygen sensor, or with the
   thermal conductivity sensor.
h EL3020-Caldos27 thermal conductivity sensor
h EL3020-Magnos206 with paramagnetic oxygen sensor - A gas feed unit can be 
   integrated as an option
h EL3020-ZO23 Trace Oxygen Analyzer


EasyLine Brochure
EL3020 Data Sheet


EasyLine EL6010 Series Gas Analyzers

EL6010 analyzers have been designed especially for use in hazardous areas. Their flameproof enclosures are certified in accordance with the ATEX directive 94/9/EC and GOST-R. The analyzers are grouped in Category II 2 G and may be used in plants with potentially explosive gas atmospheres in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Three (3) types of analyzers are available:

h EL6010-Uras14 with NDIR Photometer
h EL6010-Caldos17 with thermal conductivity sensor
h EL6010-Magnos106 with paramagnetic Oxygen cell


EL6010 Brochure
EL6010 Data Sheet


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