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PRODUCTS - Data Acquisition & Control Systems

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Data Acquisition and Control Systems (DACS) are customized for each application. Systems can be configured for virtually any CEM application.

DACS are an essential component in continuous emission monitoring systems for regulatory compliance applications. CEM Specialties Inc. customizes and supplies data acquisition and control hardware/software systems.

Key Benefits

h Systems customized to meet the customer's 
  regulatory application-specific requirements
h A modular structure to simplify customization
h Advanced Windows makes the interface clean and uncluttered
h Designed specifically for CEM systems and applications

The generic software package operates under the Microsoft Windows environment and allows for true multi-tasking capability. This software was developed exclusively for continuous emissions applications. Features include:

h Real-time numeric display of all signal outputs
h Utility to allow entry of calibration parameters
h Display current data and user-definable data averages
h Real-time and historical trends
h Monitoring of zero/span modes and calculation of analyzer zero and span drift
h Logging of all data to disk for archiving purposes
h Provision of output to printer for hard copy of monitored parameters
h User-defined alarms output via monitor and digital outputs

Optional installation support and on-site training are available.  Remote modem access support is optionally available to diagnose system performance.

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