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PRODUCTS - ACX (replaces the former ACN system)

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dvanced Solutions for CEM Systems

The measurement of hazardous emissions is becoming important for many companies as government regulatory standards are getting much more strict. We provide optimum measurements solutions that are highly cost effective.

h Pre-engineered system with compact and modular design
h Low cost of ownership during whole life cycle
h Powerful NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) & UV (Ultraviolet) analyzer technology
h Maintenance and self-monitoring according to requirements
h Calibration without the need of test gas bottles
h Remote communication via field bus and PC network or modem

ACX (replaces the former ACN system) Multi-Component Measuring System for Emission Monitoring, Process Control, and Cement Applications - The new ACX continuous gas analyzer system is the perfect fitting solution for emission monitoring, process gas measurements, and specific applications in the cement industry.  The ACX system includes everything from a probe, heated lines, and sample conditioning to well-known analyzers of the Advance Optima series. It can be operated from the outside.

The ACX analyzer system consists of the following components:

Analyzers (up to four can be combined)
h Uras26 Infrared photometer
h Limas11 UV photometer
h Magnos206 oxygen analyzer
h Magnos27 oxygen analyzer
h Electrochemical oxygen sensor
h MultiFID14 analyzer
* Automatic calibration without test gas cylinders for most applications

Sample Conditioning
SCC-C Cooler
h SCC-F Gas Feed unit
h SCC-K NO-Converter
h Sampling probes with heated filter
h Probe tubes
h Heated / unheated sample gas lines
h Absorption filter

Software Packages
h A basic license of Analyze IT Explorer is supplied with the ACX systems
h QAL3 reporting for Analyze IT Explorer

h Modbus
h Profibus
h Ethernet / OPC for networking with PC, connection to PLC and process control system or for integration in Windows applications

The analyzer systems of the ACX series are able to measure up to six (6) sample components simultaneously. The following standardized variants are available:

   1.  Emission Monitoring
Emission measurement.
   Components: CO, NO, SO2, NOx, N2O, NO2, O2.

   2.  Process Gas Measurement
The spectrum of these applications can be extremely wide and highly complex in the
   various industrial sectors.  A great variety of sample gas compositions and difficult
   marginal conditions such as high or changing pressures and temperatures make
   exacting demands on the measuring technology. The ACX can be optimally
   engineered for these measuring tasks in close collaboration with our customers.
   Components: CO, CO2, NO, NOx, N2O, SO2, CH4, VOC, O2.
   Typical Application Areas: Industrial Gas Production, Chemical Plants (eg. nitric
   acid), Iron and Steel Production, Steam Generators, Blast Furnace Gas Analysis,
   Power Stations, Paper Production, Sugar Production.

   3.  Cement Applications
h Calciner Gas Exit Temperature < 900C.
Components: CO, CO2, NO, NOx, CH4,
     SO2, O2.
Wet Kiln Exit Temperature < 300C. Components: CO, CO2, NO, SO2, O2.
   h ESP Preheater T90 less than (<) 10s.  Components: CO, NO, SO2, O2.
  h Coal Bin, Coal Mill.  Components: CO, NO, SO2, O2.


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